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How can we serve you?

We specialize in design-build projects, construction management, fast-track construction, metal building supply, steel erection, and multi-level insulated metal panel projects. We have the knowledge and experience to work extensively with building officials on codes requirements, permits and conditions.

Lundahl Building has a proven track record of completing projects on time and on budget. We bring our clients a wealth of construction experience and knowledge when dealing with commercial and industrial projects. We continually look for opportunities to provide an edge to our clients and their projects.

Lundahl Building has related companies, Lundahl Ironworks Company, Structural Steel Inc., Edge Excavation Inc., and Edge Trucking, Inc. These entities have been developed to meet market demand and assist Lundahl Building to be able to self-perform and provide schedule-critical items in a quick delivery method. The expertise maintained in these entities allow Lundahl to be able to construct projects faster than competing firms and bring additional ideas and efficiencies to the project. Construction trades that Lundahl Building and its related entities have the ability to self-perform include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Excavation and related site work
  • Utilities
  • Demolition and construction recycling
  • Miscellaneous concrete
  • Structural and miscellaneous steel supply and erection
  • Miscellaneous wood and metal framing
  • Installation of doors, access panels, and other specialty items.


UT 249669-5501 B100, S320; Idaho RCE-7670;

NV 0067988 B-General Building; NV 0076218 A-7 Excavating & Grading;

NV 0078404 A14-Steel Erection & Industrial Machinery

NV 0078432 C-14 Steel Reinforcing & Erection

AZ 289477 B-1 General Commercial Contractor

AZ 289476 A-11 Steel & Aluminum Erection

Our Affiliated Companies